May 19, 2012

How Does It Feel?

This morning as I was getting my day started this came on and about a minute into it, I just had to sit down and cry for a moment. Now, I adore both Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix and the marriage here of Dylan's tremendous lyrics combined with the power and sublime beauty of Hendrix's guitar just took me to a transcendent place where there was nothing left to do but sit down and let the moment take me wheresoever it wanted to. It is these moments in my life that have meant so much to me, moments where something occurs that just takes your breath away because in that moment something is expressed so perfectly and so truthfully it transcends the mundane and takes you into the mystical and the spiritual, such as when you see something in nature, like a tree for instance that just stops you dead in your tracks and you think to yourself, "How did that get there? This world I am living in just must be the most magical place to be able to express something like a big glorious tree, how lucky am I to get to see this and experience it and be a part of it!" It reminds me also of when the poet Anne Sexton speaks about how seeing a simple chair sometimes can just break her heart. I understand that. I too have cried over something as simple as a chair or the way a person holds their hands in their lap. Art can do this too and music most of all I believe. Music has the ability to transcend and heal all of the broken and sad parts of ourselves, it in fact celebrates these parts somehow, turns them into something else, something beautiful and understandable and without any judgement or fear involved. That is why it is so disturbing when music is only made for commerce and ego, it cheats the listener out of the true experience that music calls forth, which is to reside in spirit. When I sat down and cried listening to this song today it was for my spirit and for all of the rolling stones rolling throughout time and space and for the moments in my life when I have been a rolling stone myself, when I have been lost and confused, but still filled with spirit and expression and just needed someone to tell me 'it is okay, it is just life, roll with it, give into the whole damn thing...there is where you will find transcendence'. It seems like Dylan has always done that for me, taught me something about life at the same time that he comforts me in dealing with the tougher aspects of life. And then we have that guitar...what can words really even say? How can you talk about something that goes beyond words, that takes you beyond yourself? It is all there in Hendrix's much feeling, so much spirit, so much wisdom. It is giving in to it all, celebrating it all and it is suggesting that you join in and let go on this trip to the stars where we all really reside anyway if we only knew it. It is funny and quite extraordinary how all of these thoughts and feelings can occur in just a moment of listening to song. The crying I experienced took me through all of that and made me feel good to be alive through all of the good and the bad, "When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal. How does it feel, How does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home. Like a complete unknown. Like a rolling stone."WE have gone away, invisible and unknown, back into spirit and when we come back into the mundane of our every day existence we can feel loved and connected to something bigger than ourselves, something that tells us our lives mean something even if we do not know what that is at times and that is okay too. What matters is that right now we are alive and we are miraculous and it is a gift to feel all of these feelings and experience this thing called life where trees and paintings and poems and music help us to see more clearly and feel more deeply. We can make sense out of the beautiful chaos called life through making and experiencing art and there are those creative visionaries who help us find our way and inspire us to keep going even when it darkness all around us. How does it feel? It feels fucking real.


  1. Beautifully put! I love this.

  2. it really is a miracle, this life..... the way that nature and people express time and space and emotion. if someone was visiting from another planet that would be knocked over with the Art and Beauty on Earth, I'm sure. We might have made some big mistakes as humans, but then we have these angels on earth...... god and the goddess inside us all. xoxox

  3. Wow...! I was discussing spirituality with my father the other day. A staunch Roman Catholic who was arguing for Heaven and Hell and sin and virtue and he asked me what exactly it is I believe in, since I no longer believe in Catholicism? And what is it that I teach my child to believe in? And I said, I don't know what I believe in, beyond this life. But I believe in life and while I'm alive, for me, this is enough. This earth, this sky, this song, this tree, this flower, this painting, this rock, this child, this star, this cloud. x