May 21, 2012

See through the Cosmological eye

In space, a fall looks like a blur.
Out in fields of time children grow dark; civilization and its soot.
Bring me the head of those who are righteous
and I will show a mirage made of fear.
Wading in these deep waters of illusion
We will rise, traversing stranger starlights and let go of the rooms we have
built and hid within.
Can you imagine all of the billions and billions of games that are played?
Endless, endless,
Defending all of those opinions; it is deafening!
Let them be and don't get your feet stuck in that mud.
The clock of time will strike memory upon memory,
all of those ghosts within us, 
haunting us like bounty hunters.
Proving this, proving that
running without end.
Endless, endless.

A past dawn is fading,
Do you remember when we ate the cliff of morning,
your birth,
and dying into this?
Will you ever let go of that mourning?
Take your blanket of longing and lay it on the ground of forever.
Set if on fire, you have everything you need already.
If you knew...
if we only knew.
There are so many questions...
are any of them important?
and then...
There are times that I cry ever time i see a tree.
and the only thing my heart truly wants is to glow.
That is the only answer.

Let's be friends even when their is no us.
Let's carry it all on through the dust and the sand and the smoke and all of those beautiful notes of music.
We  have all come so far.
Can't you see your shadow is painted on all you adore?
Please believe whatever you can if it gets you to the shore!
or rather drown...
it makes no difference.
One is one. One is another.
It is all one thing in the end.
So dance.
Dance, dance, dance.
Say hello to all of the things that are made into matter.
Look through the cosmological eye.
Go down into the mines made of brains and tissues and sinews and wine and blood and musk.
In there are calcium bones, lust and salty waters, clay and mud.
Navigate your boat of consciousness and in that place may you understand what no one seems to know.
You are holy and unshaken,
solid but nothing.
Look it in the face.
It is one.
It is another.
Some may go mad here.
To know yourself is your only honor.
No fear of the shadow;
glowing silently, only raging when ignored,
bleeding into all things.
There it is. It is one. It is another.
There is the darkness.
There is the light.
None here have favor.
Somewhere in the deep inside, you know!
Trust is such a difficult verb.
but you are the dreamer, dreaming.
Just tell the truth.
Just tell your truth.
Turn around no more.
Everything is Holy.
Try to find what's pure.

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