Jun 24, 2012



I am not what you say I am
I am more than even what I believe I am
I shine with infinity
I talk to trees
I rest in the breeze with sunshine as my light
I pick up the pieces of all that I have ever been
But I am not those things either
I have gifts to share from all of the times & places I have lived in and through
I reflect all of those I ever seen
I am made up of the matter all around you and yet,
I am nothing and nowhere
I am everything and everyone
I cannot be boxed in by your words
Or ideas of what I am or should be
Or not be
A Woman, A Girl, A Success, A Failure, An American, Pretty, Ugly, Bride, Whore,  Addict, Heterosexual, Priestess, Magician, Artist, Liar, Scarred, Broken, Healed, Lost, Found, Loser, Winner, Rich, Poor, Down on the Floor and so on
For I am all things and and still nothing
I am glory and truth
I am despair and lies
I am love and hate
I am beauty and greed
I am yours and I am no ones
I am stillness
I am fury and speed
I am lost and then I am found and then lost again
I am born and I will die
Repeat repeat repeat
I am eternally the same, unchangeable
I am always changing
Repeat repeat repeat
I am the true path and the crooked road
I am beauty and ugliness
I am wonder and I am horror
I am perfect with the beauty of flaws
I am everywhere and I am nowhere
I'm a slave and I'm free
I am life and death
I am sorrow and joy
Transparent yet solid
I am full of fear but have a courage I cannot explain
I come from forever and walk in the now
I am you and I am me
I am not you and not me
I am unexplainable
I am inimitable
I am a tree and my roots lead back to what is divine and sacred
I try as hard as I can to live fully, truthfully, holy holy holy
Do not judge me
Do not name me
As I am you
And we ache with the sorrow of birth
And death 
And the loss of all things eventually
But it is nothing too
For we are all the moments that have ever been and will ever be
Shed your skin
Shed the weight
What you think you are
what you think I am.

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