Jun 30, 2012

On The Edge of The Forest

He slowly reined in the red fox
right upon the edge of the forest.
Not wanting to run,
she thought she would just lie there.

He thought, or rather supposed
that was a very rare thing.
But these were just funny little games they played.

Mountains moving west again,
scratched with sassafras slowly on the sky...
she was revealing her darkened face, still wild.
"A good man is hard to find, " she thought.

Hey Hey, My My

There was a physical sensation;
The wind said, "Go with him."
She could feel him now laden with smells of tobacco,
and in a floating swoon
they watched over moments and one another.

She looked upward at heaven.
letting it all fall against his thighs thighs thighs.
He gripped the top of her gown gown gown
and then stood at the edge of weeping,
"I am you and we are one of the pages of the universe,
and we are echoing echoing echoing."
Drunk on his words, she knew she was being tamed and she slowly smiled.

My My, Hey Hey

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