Jul 24, 2012

Poetry & the Courage of the Imagination

Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies imagination, the only thing that protects our freedom despite the fact that people keep trying to reduce it or kill it off altogether.
~Luis Bunuel~

I Will Not Hurry Up!

They tell me something's wrong with me--
I don't admire ambition; Pristine sharpened teeth,
bottom footed blisters,
those who are crazed and starving for more, more, more!!!
But those holes, their holes, these holes inside us
cannot be filled by stuff.
So very simply speaking,
I feel sickened by the whole sad lot.
And I will not hurry up!
I breathe and take it slow.

Out Of The Ground

Clarion clearly cutting through
You are whispering knives
cutting leaves I've grown.

Out of the ground I've risen
Out of the sound
I have surprised even you,

And all of your forgotten minions.
So sad,
That it's all been so

Fates Taste

We are times flying hilt,
caught between the groves of doubt.
Sliding the sword sideways
we reside on the banks of now.
Little ones, be like the sweet monsters we truly are.
Tick tack tock
Lightening is an illumination,
so rage in your own fires.
Belief is the key;

A Lover's Spurious Grip

In patches of balmy air
a ghost witch beckons back my hair.

To which two feathers plucked
an ill-timed luck opposing my prayer

for love. I will not be fucked
by your inflated deeds,

nor your ill-advised vanity
harking escapes ridiculous.

In the quilt of rusted sanity,
a cross stitch looms so fair.

It is there, in those bushes,
where I pluck back the false reeds
releasing all else from the snare.

Milk Deep

Dipping down the harvest
punch drunk and stealing
the night, with might.
I have not forgotten what we dreamed
inside the youth we destroyed
so carefully.
We were bitten by the death trip,
storm makers,
little heartbreakers.
How did you slip out so gracefully,
when it took me years
to climb out of that

Mattie & Ethan

They never left the hill that day.
Into his arms they crashed,
crashing together,
into the bark of a tree.

White snow, snow white.
Their love stained the hill red.

Goodbye to trees,
Goodbye, goodbye.


You have no business thinking
about such things.

You Must Decide, You Must Change Your Life

Mars wants victory!
Pisces wants transcendence.
What do you want?

Road Trip

The first part of the journey,
give in, let go!

On the edge of Nevada,
not far from Reno,
there was nothing but trains, mountains and dessert shrub.
Ahhhhhh, it felt good.


Fucking give all that shit away
mother fuckers!


I've always loved that house.
Talking about Jesus will get you a meal.
Look a tree sale!
That's that butte my Mom was talking about,
Chapel of miracles.
Kind of looks like Texas a bit.
Bless you.
We're not in a hurry.
I don't really like caves.


word game
head games
break on through
cross the river
don't believe your own bullshit.

Summer of Fire

summer of fire
the mountains
the trees
the forest
the heart
caw on cue
crow bird


They don't always have to be you to be you.

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