Feb 11, 2014

~Six Years Today~

His Name Is Maximilian

So here is the earth that the water dreamed of,
This thing is you and me,
Beyond the visible,
Where the idea came forth,
Where it is such a strange sea,
I could feel you before
I could touch you.
Our union is something like this,
Running through existence,
Holding more than hands.
Made into matter
And there is your face
As it has always been,
It says, "I understand."
There is god in there too.
I feel so nervous
Because I want to touch what is you.
Because there is so much feeling,
Vanishing from a lonely spirit into birth,
We are the beginning and the end

You let a little fox speak up,
Deep in the greenness,
Of new grasses,
And your mouth stole me away,
With words in that dear sweet letter.
I came into you then,
And you let me,
For what I have known, you have known;
Moonshine and poppies and sadness like dew all over everything.
And it is morning in the fields of the lord,
So dance, dance, dance.
Sing for me your sweetness,
Its been so long,
And it took me awhile to remember
because sometimes we get lost
In the blackness,
The place before dawn
Where it is darkest,
Long overdue in the womb,
Things rotting,
Earth and water making mud.
Putrefaction is renewal in the end,
This patience will be protein
Building muscle,
Building you and I.

To comprehend the enormity of the realization
Oh my....
Let down your shores and my every wave will break there.
Fate tossed me here.
It is not meant to knock you out
But cleeeeeaaaaannnsssse.

My body now bends westward again,
Like waves, yes
Flowing across,
I'm coming home.
There is no where else to go now.
Your understanding will be my map.

And remember what Rimbaud said, "I could never throw love out of the window"
Good god!
Escapes are tender and beautiful 
have we gone into desire?
In this and many more existences?
As birds, cats, bees and lions?
Long ago where you loved my violence too!
Assorted broken crowns
Perfumes, blood, war , music. magic and slavery.
Here we are again,
Yes and maybe you followed me here
This time.
And again I am sorry
It took me so long to remember.
My fear was there stalking anything
That made me feel,
And a while ago,
I built a fortress around me,
But your charms set me free,
You and your own kind of witchery.
It was a thousand lifetimes in one sentence that you wrote to me
A band of golden light surrounded me then,
And I knew I was safe,
That I could trust you somehow,
Yes, there it is again
Running through all of this existence,
Holding more than hands,
Holding soul.
You may sleep with what is yours
And always was
Is it necessary to say anymore?

For my amazing partner in life~ Today we have been together six years! Here's to a lifetime more! XO
Poem by Toni Oswald

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