Jan 26, 2016

Day Crack Into Moments (Notebook series)

 Johnne Perez and his Sculptures


 Carmen Hawk, Mariah O'Brien & Lucia Santini Ribisi (Italy)

 Photo of Ic Explura by Carmen Hawk
 My Mother at age 12

 John Spencer and me London 2003

John Frusciante 1991

All art ,writing and notebook collages by Toni Oswald Copyright 2016

You Really Were the Prettiest Star!

In tall trees apples grow,
no one knows where we go.
Forever seams,
Bowie shines, it's like snow.
Talking inside out,
Talking sideways
when all those beautiful clothes were ruined in the pool.
Real good food
We just tore up the experience.
I cried in bed this morning when I heard the news that Bowie had passed. He was such a huge inspiration for my art, music and life. I'm crying again now. RIP Mr. Bowie, you really are a starchild, hold now, dancing in and out of light.

Collage and writing by Toni Oswald Copyright 2016

Feb 5, 2015

How To Discard The Life You've Now Ruined - Lara Glenum


Sneak in to the “shame hole”
Remove the squirming pink sack from the gray pelt
& put a second body inside

or hang the body from a telegraph wire that transmits instructions
to those who’ve drowned in an automatic wind
while choking on state-licensed vision cloths

Hang the loose skin in a weeping museum

Use the smallest bones as buttons
Sew the buttons onto your face & pose in several helmets

Or collect the larger bones & make a stylish 4’ x 6’ cage
Plant the nerve-cords in window-boxes
Let them trail down like vines outside your new home

In the evenings
Use the spine as a flute to play
the soft nationalistic marches of the “bodies without organs” collective

Make tiny beasts out of the teeth & strands of black hair
Sew the animals into your stomach
Advertise your crimes as “the failings of a zoo”

Tack the two legs onto your own hips &
gallop through zones of agony
Now you’re a four-legged animal downed in the onslaught

You’re a weeping brute clogging the light-hole
in the eye of the sun

Nov 20, 2014

Theater Carnivale Days!

Photos from back in the daysof Theater Carnivale; a Punk Rock/Avante Garge/Vaudevillian theater group featuring, Stephen Holman, Aaron Osbourne, Johanna Went, Adam Tankell and myself.
Stephen and I performing on the BBC4 Tony Wilson Show in Manchester, England
Aaron, Johanna, Stephen, Toni, Adam
Stephen and me as Felicity the Butterfly and her agent Ricky the Roach on Bug Night
Me and Stephen on Birth Night
Adam, Johanna, Stephen, me & Aaron on Fish Night
Stephen, Aaron, Adam and myself on Fish Night