Jan 26, 2016

Day Crack Into Moments (Notebook series)

 Johnne Perez and his Sculptures


 Carmen Hawk, Mariah O'Brien & Lucia Santini Ribisi (Italy)

 Photo of Ic Explura by Carmen Hawk
 My Mother at age 12

 John Spencer and me London 2003

John Frusciante 1991

All art ,writing and notebook collages by Toni Oswald Copyright 2016

You Really Were the Prettiest Star!

In tall trees apples grow,
no one knows where we go.
Forever seams,
Bowie shines, it's like snow.
Talking inside out,
Talking sideways
when all those beautiful clothes were ruined in the pool.
Real good food
We just tore up the experience.
I cried in bed this morning when I heard the news that Bowie had passed. He was such a huge inspiration for my art, music and life. I'm crying again now. RIP Mr. Bowie, you really are a starchild, hold now, dancing in and out of light.

Collage and writing by Toni Oswald Copyright 2016