Jun 29, 2012

Visions of Violets

Why are the wires crossing?
She asked him, Did you see something?"
He replied, "Yes."
"Was is wonderful?"
Then he said, " No, sort of grey."
Laughter and the image of him walking through a field of violet colored flowers, holding a cane.
Then he was judged, struck savagely with a sword. And he was a sick man.
The attacker shouting, "Stand up!, Stand Up!" while he struck him down. He was a liar and he killed that man,
That man who only wanted to see floating beauty, traveling music, and read and read and read without interruption and watch the sky at night and learn their names to call them out, the Stars.
And he would walk and walk  and walk, walk sick, with cane, walk and walk and walk and walk until he saw what he had thought that he had read about, seen or maybe it was something he had remembered, brought with him through time. So he walked and walked, not really to see something, but to be somewhere that had real feeling, real meaning.
And the vision there was its own expression.
But there are wire's crossing walking to ones ends.
Source:Favicom.com Old vintage black and white photo~

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