Jul 3, 2012

Scenes From A Former Diary Part 2

Gonna Gonna Gonna Tell God All About It

Cool Rasta ....Me at age 3
 ( Lyrics by The Heptones)

Sometimes One Feels LIke a Motherless Child

On The Road

Falling Into


Vinyl Lights the Wave

Mariah and Carmen's Mix Tapes

Carmen & Mariah & Lucia In Italy
Photos by Mariah O'Brien and Trae C.
Mariah and Me London 2002

London Map/Music Map London 2002

My beautiful friend John Spencer London 2002

Learning British comedy courtesy of John Spencer London 2002
( Tony Hancock, Spike Milligan &Tommy Cooper)

Gaz Mayall and me London 2002

Mariah and me London 2002
Underground photo booth turned into the silver trees~
Some Solar Systems Invoked

we know each other

Thinking about Bill
Writing by William Burroughs, Painting of Bill Burroughs by John Frusciante

Interior Geometry
let this time, let this time


baby then

Rise in the Strength of Jah
(lyrics by The Viceroys, photo by Matt Polish)


  1. This is so Beautiful!!! was the heptones transcription something you did when you were 9?!?! thats so cool!

  2. Thanks so much! When I was 9 ...LOL more like 29 LOL

  3. hello- like the page- ran across looking for the lyrics to rising in the strength of jah...
    humility is the true eye of self realization- respect for others is respect for life and all god creation.... realization transcend materialization it is the internal association of social concept of which such manifest such things to acquaint ourselves with missed opportunity for full realization of true self... peace and love, one...