Feb 5, 2015

How To Discard The Life You've Now Ruined - Lara Glenum


Sneak in to the “shame hole”
Remove the squirming pink sack from the gray pelt
& put a second body inside

or hang the body from a telegraph wire that transmits instructions
to those who’ve drowned in an automatic wind
while choking on state-licensed vision cloths

Hang the loose skin in a weeping museum

Use the smallest bones as buttons
Sew the buttons onto your face & pose in several helmets

Or collect the larger bones & make a stylish 4’ x 6’ cage
Plant the nerve-cords in window-boxes
Let them trail down like vines outside your new home

In the evenings
Use the spine as a flute to play
the soft nationalistic marches of the “bodies without organs” collective

Make tiny beasts out of the teeth & strands of black hair
Sew the animals into your stomach
Advertise your crimes as “the failings of a zoo”

Tack the two legs onto your own hips &
gallop through zones of agony
Now you’re a four-legged animal downed in the onslaught

You’re a weeping brute clogging the light-hole
in the eye of the sun

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