Jan 10, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I am proud to release two new Music pieces for the New Year~ One of them is my early 4-track recordings that my sweet Max has mastered and the other piece is something Max and I did as a Surrealist music and spoken word performance dedicated to Luis Borges. I wish everyone good health, abundance, and good work for the coming year~ xo

Ic Explura - The Early 4-Track recordings~

These dark hills dawning
owning no surprises
emitting fantastic glimpses
of distant chambers
dancing seas
the music coats
our vulnerable skins
kicks and such
oh to be the seam
and write these
love letters to you
who I don't even know
but it gives me grace.

_Toni Oswald

Forlu Is Borges By Max Davies and Toni Oswald


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  1. Hello, I am from Brazil ( I Don't write english very well,SORRY,but i need know what you think about who i wrote)I have some influences, and when i see your interview realized you are free in your art, you is an artist visually and orally... and then you become one of my big influences. I REALLY want know what you think about that who i wrote. I like to make stories for paintings:
    Dance of Life from Edvard Munch. He put, death, life and anguish in the same painting.

    Oh, the dance of life!
    We all are in the dance
    With a strong breath,
    because of your undecided way…

    There is dance
    There is death
    There is anguish

    A strong dance and contagious
    Should be constant,
    Turns out to be rousing,
    in their moments.

    There is dance
    There is death
    There is anguish

    Have a perverse lady
    that makes dance nonsense
    lowering my head and close my eyes!
    Imposes on me an everlasting tarnish.
    There is dance
    There is death
    There is anguish

    Charon comes and my soul goes…
    no longer a part of the dance;
    Should have been so faithful temperance?
    No! Should have been strength

    There is dance
    There is anguish
    There is death

    And silence ... From having died first in life.