Feb 5, 2013

Animals Like Us

So I pray Love...
The truth is:
As I grow old
and my hair changes shape,
I will remember how we sat on tulips
at that strange dance,
where a vulgar spirit could not feel
the words we spoke of childhood and our dark times.
You may remember when I had a different face,
the serpents' shadow,
a picture I code
that raises up the morning.
When I go off by myself sometimes 
and think of you; a prayer of wild stories for others.
I also think of how I have been in many lands
and never could find a way to halt death.
So come into my soul,
caress what is truly old.

When her glowing eyes turn,
Come into this circle of meat.
Where they have all disappeared.
You show yourself and then another,
gently moving the third eye
a subtle spirit strikes.
Wave no more.
We as a people just grunt
and wave no more.
Let us become new.
This snake is dangerous
and dying.
Shedding is needed,
no more of this crying.

Love has touched the lark
as red shadow
on a lucky day.
He sees what I am
Brightness of fire,
looking for miracles and a good laugh.
Never Lost.
Poem by Toni Oswald copyright

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