Jan 17, 2014

Hello New Year

I had such a whirlwind last year that this blog completely fell by the wayside, but I am excited to be back in this new year of 2014 and plan on posting as much as possible this year, the year of the wood horse. Here are some recent poems that don't really fit into the new chapbook I am working on coming out sometime this spring. 
Dreydl – (Yiddish – to turn)
Spin to turn Jerusalem to what was once Persia. It was men who turned that screw. Women spin to turn spinning dervish spins to spin through what is only this lifetime, not many but one we spin the web casting spell. Spin the loom this woman's work.
Apollo Born of Dawn
She knew her place among the stars unlike the rest of us who had no understanding of the true light
yet made of carbon all is starry a bright it was in dark and light as something other something heterodox but we are light layed out by darkness exploding into a path we settle for thinking dark thought was separate from light or so we have thought grasping for light running from dark in that place that knows not mercy only eyes shut wide can mistake so much knowing no place always grasping illusive grace small moments are the only space where glimpses are golden shawdows of truth grasped glimpsed now gone what is a mirror what is in the mirror
are eyes really all so reliable? Retinol roads gone nowhere fast
Look the light.

Those that are sung song
absent in spring
have left the biggest holes
for a seer
prone to dust
we are questioning the whole trip
shot around into a great many forms
lusting afterwards
between the sides of this planet
lie african music and crazy wisdom
your destiny falls away
the fact remains
the wonder of the skies
as most smiles will disguise
human life
epilogue rain dancing
swallowing lies
the real lines vanishing vanished
burn these prisoners alive
in fires of sandalwood
seek the other
fine tune the marble eyes
lay down in the sound of time
forget the guru
let the white men understand
immortality is mildewed

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